Solar Power System and solar street light accessories

The Rising Leader Of Renewable Energy With Solar Panels, Lights, And Solar Cell Installations

With the rising dependency on renewable energy as a sustainable solution, natural sources like solar power, wind, and water have been used to generate free energy that can help millions across the globe. Advancement in technology, availability of cost-effective solutions and wider reach out to the mass has made these technologies, especially the solar technology to be used as an alternative and sustainable energy source. Cadwell Advance Technologies Corporation with its mission to support the mission of renewable energy has been working closely with the population of West-Africa with its solar power solutions in terms of Solar Street Lights, Solar panels, Solar batteries and other solar powered systems. We have gathered more than a decade of experience in solar power devices and have been spreading the knowledge and awareness through our solar powered devices, with installation support as well as maintenance for a sustainable dependency.

Solar Street Electricity:

As of present, many parts of Africa is still deprived of electricity with the limited source of fossil and hydropower. Cadwell Advance Technologies Corp. is working closely with many such destinations in Africa, where street lighting is a major concern. We offer high-tech solar power systems that are effective in lighting streets in any corner of Africa without dependency on any conventional power source. We supply solar street electricity that can not only light any path in a remote location but can also help in reducing carbon footprints with a C-Negative campaign through solar power as a renewable energy source. We help in lighting streets in power-deprived locations, cities with modern infrastructure and help in reducing dependency on conventional power sources. With high-quality solar street lighting systems and effective maintenance support, we ensure the best alternative source for lighting lives of people in any part of West-Africa and beyond.

Solar Batteries:

Cadwell Advance Technologies Corp. also offers highly reliable and functional solar batteries of various capacities to store solar power generated out of solar panels. These batteries help to store solar power to be used in various other domestic as well as commercial purposes as per the requirement of the clients. With advanced solar power technology and cost-effective solutions, Cadwell offers solar batteries of various capacities with support for maintenance and servicing assurance. Our solar batteries are available in different capacities that help people to store and use solar energy as per their preference. With some finest storage solutions, we offer a dependable solar power system for effective use in home and offices.

Solar Panel Installations:

Cadwell Advance Technologies emphasizes the use of renewable energy for every functional aspect of life. We offer a complete knowledge support for solar panel installations for mono solar panels, poly solar panels both in off-grid and on-grid systems. With a range of solar panels to choose from, Cadwell offers a wider range of options to its clients to choose specific solar panels for the energy requirement and utilization.
With a team of advanced technology support, Cadwell Advance Technologies Corp. is steadily emerging as a mentor and supporter for renewable energy solutions in Western Africa, which is gradually spreading across the entire continent. Call us or contact us today for any specific solutions for renewable energy for any geo-location. We are listening!