PM2 assists all three data varieties due to the fact factor for all the software explanations and personalization

PM2 assists all three data varieties due to the fact factor for all the software explanations and personalization

JSON vs. JavaScript vs. YAML

PM2 allows all three data Apex how does work type as the grounds for any program descriptions and changes. Pick your favorite people and pick they, there aren’t any advantages of deciding for just one or some other.

Wea€™re enthusiasts of JSON and definately will show off your all examples in JSON style. Just adopt the snippets to JS or YAML.

Configure Several Services in a Single JSON Data

Within a before printed tutorial, wea€™ve previously observed PM2a€™s ability to manage higher level product adjustments utilizing a JSON document. Youa€™ve a lot of alternatives to individualize the behavior of your respective services maintained by PM2.

From the JSON data, PM2 makes use of the software critical as base for the stated applications. Individual each product into an object and provide the defined choice with respective standards. In this article case explains three methods: futurestudio-homepage , futurestudio-worker and futurestudio-api . All three activities have their particular access point (JS document) which can be referenced like the price for script .


PM2 involves one offer no less than title and story elements to correctly address and commence the characterized tool. The value for identity would be utilized by PM2 as a reference on the techniques and should distinct.

To get started with the described services in the pm2-apps.json , utilize the pm2 demand series utility and address the JSON document. PM2 will automatically determine each product and start all of them overnight.

The snippet above demonstrates the whole process of starting several purposes through the pm2-apps.json file (above). Just in case a software (documented by-name) tryna€™t currently running, PM2 starts it. When the establishing program for many activities finished, youa€™ll begin to see the usual breakdown of processes handled by PM2.

We cana€™t personalize the transaction in which the processes get started. Continue reading to discover ways to act on an individual product within your techniques data.


Any measures used (start, restart, reload, end) straight away to the JSON setting document could be passed to all the systems within that data. Properly, should you do the pm2 restart demand upon your JSON construction data, all outlined functions within that document see restarted quickly.

To act on one particular program within a JSON file, kindly browse the correct section.

Work Simply one Software Within an activity File

In situations where you ought to act on their JSON construction but simply need to list one program, you can certainly do that adding the –only argument around the pm2 management. Assuming you have to get started on the individual processes merely, do so similar to this:

As soon as began, simply control existing PM2 tasks the most common means.


Static designs in JS, JSON or YAML formatting are generally a clear-cut approach to incorporate intricate customizations to your methods that get maintained with PM2. An individual dona€™t want to remember fondly the individual orders youa€™d or else employ utilizing the order range feature.

The guide demonstrated you the way to outline over an individual application within a JSON data understanding employ that to JS and YAML and. Possessing many product definitions in one data may benefit your in various problems. Watch behavior which are used with regards to the JSON file, because theya€™re completed on every identified software. If you would like address an individual software make use of the –only point.

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Allow it to be rock & see programming!

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