cctv security & alaram security

Surveillance Systems With CCTV And Alarm For An Effective Security Measure

Cadwell Advance Technologies Corp. is a house of Nigerian innovation offering multi-lateral solutions to the people of Africa with its innovative solutions and sustainable support. We understand the importance of advanced technology for a worry-free living and help our clients attain the same. With our dedicated technology support, we render the finest solutions that improve the life and lifestyle of people with effective solutions.

The CCTV Security and Alarm solutions from Cadwell Advanced Technologies as one such dedicated support stream from the array of its services. We offer a range of security surveillance and alarm systems for homes, offices, schools, workplaces and shops.Depending upon the requirement and area under surveillance, we can render effective and functional solutions that help the owners to safeguard their interests while protecting their properties and premises.

A wider range of CCTV Surveillance Cameras:

Cadwell Advance Technologies offers a wide range of CCTV Surveillance Systems that help in safeguarding premises as per requirement. We offer dome cameras, IP Cams, Square Cams, Bullet Cameras, Panoramic Cameras, Speed Dome Cams, Box Cameras for different types of requirements along with DVRs and recorders set-ups. With powered and independently powered cameras and latest IP Cams, we help in remote monitoring on smartphones as well. Our avant-garde alarm systems are effective for surveillance and alarm with round the clock security inspection of premises and warehouses.

Technical support and installation:

With a strong team of technical support, we offer installation and maintenance support for different types of CCTV camera surveillance systems at our clients’ premises, offices as well as in warehouses. We also render maintenance solutions and preventive maintenance support that help our clients to reap the benefits of the CCTV installation with a seamless service. Our high-tech camera maintenance and DVR service systems offer a complete peace of mind to our clients, which CCTV systems take care of the surveillance and trigger alarm at the time of emergency.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Cadwell Advance Technologies offer cost-effective solutions without any compromise in quality of the CCTV installations and maintenance. With more than a decade of experience in handling different small and large scale requirements, we offer a unique proposition for installation, commissioning and maintenance of security systems in various locations as per need. Whether it is a bank or a college or a school or a home, we render all possible solutions that are technology driven and offer redundant solutions for maintaining highest levels of security at all time. Interested in knowing the range of CCTV solutions on offer? Call us today or contact us for a customized solution for CCTV monitoring and alarm system for any specific premises. We are here to support!